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Controls and Compliance Audits

Controls and compliance audits are conducted of selected systems or accounting processes to determine whether the systems and processes achieve compliance with legislated or otherwise mandated requirements. These audits are intended to assist in the audit of the Public Account.

End of Year Reviews

The end of year review provides an audit focus on year end balances particularly within Agencies. The nature of the review is determined annually whilst planning the audit of the Treasurer's Annual Financial Statement, but includes testing of transactions occurring around year end to provide a degree of confidence about the data provided to Treasury and which will form part of the overall reporting on the Public Account.

Information Technology Audits

Information technology audits are undertaken as stand-alone audits of key government wide, or Agency systems. Each of the systems selected for audit plays an important role in processing data and providing information for the purposes of financial management and, more particularly, for the purposes of financial reporting and the preparation of the Treasurer's Annual Financial Statement.

Special reviews, audits or investigations, including:
  • Requests by the Public Accounts Committee
  • Data analytics
From time to time, the Auditor‑General may direct that other reviews, audits or investigations be carried out to specifically look at a particular issue, or as a result of a request from the Public Accounts Committee.

Examples of past audits in this area include selected agency audits on credit card usage, travel and hospitality expenditure, fuel card usage, public private partnerships, and delays in completing road infrastructure projects.

Several Frameworks are located on the Frameworks page.