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Northern Territory Auditor‑General's Office

Auditing for Parliament


Conducting the audits

The majority of audits conducted by the NTAGO are carried out by private sector Authorised Auditors (“audit service providers”), through a contracted outsourced model, with a small number of “in-house” audits undertaken by the NTAGO's Principal Auditors.

The NTAGO’s Principal Auditors work collaboratively with the Auditor‑General to undertake planning of audits and prepare guidelines for individual audit assignments. These are issued to Authorised Auditors who undertake the majority of audit field work. They prepare the necessary working papers, files, draft reports, audit opinions and management letters for review by the NTAGO.

The responsibility for the content of reporting to Agencies and the Legislative Assembly and their issuance rests solely with the Auditor‑General.

The private sector Lead Authorised Audit Partners are: