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Media Information

The Auditor‑General and staff of the Auditor‑General’s Office do not make comment directly to the media in relation to audit findings.

The Auditor‑General’s reporting procedures are defined in the Audit Act 1995, which requires him or her to report to Parliament. It is a requirement of the Act, as well as a common courtesy to those charged with governance of audited entities, to provide and have included their reply to the Auditor‑General’s findings, comments and observations.

Details relating to particular transactions and specific audit findings will not be provided beyond that included in the Auditor‑General’s report and, as such, questions should be directed to the agency/entity subject to audit.

Findings from audits and reviews conducted by the Auditor‑General’s Office are presented to Parliament within the Auditor‑General’s reports which are available online on the publications page.