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History of the NTAGO

1978 - 1982

On 5 July 1978, following self government, the Auditor‑General for the Commonwealth of Australia was appointed as the Auditor‑General for the Northern Territory.

A branch of the Commonwealth Audit Office was maintained in Darwin with an average of 16 staff, including 12 professional auditors who were fully engaged in field audits.

Mr Duncan Steele Craik was the Auditor‑General with Mr Desmond Pearson being the Chief Auditor - Darwin from July 1978 to March 1979.

Mr Pearson was succeeded by Mr Trig until September 1979, then Mr Stringer until 30 June 1982.

1982 -

In 1982 the Northern Territory Government proceeded with the appointment of the first resident Auditor‑General, Mr Graham Carpenter. At this time arrangements were established to permit the maximum involvement of private accounting and audit firms in conducting audits of the public sector. This model has remained substantially unchanged to this day.

The resident Auditors-General for the Northern Territory were:


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