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Auditing for Parliament


The Audit Mandate

The Auditor‑General's powers and responsibilities are established in the Audit Act 1995 by the Northern Territory's Parliament, the Legislative Assembly. The Auditor‑General is required to report to the Legislative Assembly at least once each year on any matters arising from the exercise of the auditing powers established in that Act.

In doing so, the Auditor‑General is providing information to the Parliament to assist its review of the performance of the Executive Government, particularly the Government's responsibility for the actions of the public sector entities which administer its financial management and performance management directives. The Parliament has a responsibility to conduct this review as the representative of the people of the Northern Territory.

The Auditor‑General is also able to report to management of public sector entities on matters arising from the conduct of audits.

Reports provided to Parliament and public sector managers should be recognised as a useful source of independent analysis of Government information, and of the systems and controls underpinning the delivery of that information.

The Auditor‑General is assisted by personnel of the Northern Territory Auditor General's Office who plan audits and tasks conducted by private sector Authorised Auditors.

The requirements of the Audit Act 1995 in relation to auditing the Public Account and other accounts are found in: The Public Account is defined in the Financial Management Act 1995 as: